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Michael ohrosm at gmail.com
Wed May 6 08:33:11 UTC 2015

Hi Spring,

2015-05-06 7:41 GMT+02:00 Springfield Harrison <stellargps at gmail.com>:

>         As a 30+ year helicopter pilot, I did have some concern with the
> very skimpy helipad instructions.  In high-altitude, rugged terrain there
> is much more to locating helipads than finding a 30 m flat square of
> ground.  Is there any technical oversight by experienced pilots on this
> task?

I fully agree that the potential sites can not directly be used. But for
sure they will be reviewed as given in the task's description "After
completion, this info will be evaluated by experts.."

To me the idea is to speed up the process by finding and marking candidate
spots for the experts to evalutes. So save the experts' time by having the
crowd to a pre-selection.

Michael (user Ohr)
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