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Hi Spring,

As an experienced pilot, you are welcome to help review these potential

You've been added a couple of days ago to a Skype group on this subject.
But you don't seem to be aware of it. Could you please check your Skype,
and maybe restart it if you don't see anything? (You currently appear as
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Le 06/05/2015 07:41, Springfield Harrison a écrit :
> Hello Master Cpl. Carriere,
>         OK, glad to hear that.  From the list of problems and concerns
> brought forward on the twitter session earlier, it definitely sounded
> like accuracy and consistency of the OSM editing might be suspect. 
> Dragging their photos around to force the alignment of different
> features gives me the willies.  What if the next volunteer drags it
> off in another direction?  For me, this is a whole new loose approach
> to GIS which I have always thought of as highly disciplined and
> structured.
>         However, if your hardcopy printouts are useful to the field
> crews, that is good.  As a new person looking on from the edges and
> trying a few edits, the process does look a bit sketchy, but if it
> works, it works.
>         As a 30+ year helicopter pilot, I did have some concern with
> the very skimpy helipad instructions.  In high-altitude, rugged
> terrain there is much more to locating helipads than finding a 30 m
> flat square of ground.  Is there any technical oversight by
> experienced pilots on this task?
>         I assume that there are no current maps for this area, just
> the OSM edits?  I did find some ASM 1950s mapping.  Is there nothing
> newer than that?
>                 Thank you, Cheers . . . . . . . . Spring Harrison
> At 05-05-2015 21:20 Tuesday, Denis Carriere wrote:
>> /I'm not sure if succesful GIS is a crowd activity.
>> /
>> /I've asked but heard nothing about the end use of all this
>> activity. Is it serving the folks on the ground?
>> /
>> OSM crowd activity is very successful, speaking from the Canadian
>> Forces DART deployed on the ground. I've printed so far 300+ hardcopy
>> maps all made with 100% OSM data for people deployed in remote locations.
>> @OSM Community: Keep up the great work! It's really making a difference!
>> /~~~~~~
>> *Denis, MCpl Carriere
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