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Thanks Laura,
The coordination teams, both HOT, Kathmandu Living Labs and international organizations have to look in a lot of simultaneous directions, if I can say.
Thanks to the people that take care to document the various aspects of mapping in Nepal. Each OSM response push us forward. I produced gross statistics for this Response that I did not have time to explore more. But they show this tremendous effort from the OSM community for this response.This data covers all OSM Edit changesets for Nepal from April 25 to May 6. Impressive figures, but this shows also the challenges, with so many mappers and objects added to OSM in 12 days. To have nearly a thousand contributors and a million objects edited a day is quite fantastic and challenging. As it as been discussed, there are various ways that we assure better quality. This from the Editor tools, to the tutorials, follow-up of contributors, more structured Mapathon organization to support / validate contributors right from their first day of contribution plus various Validation process after the editing.
OSM Edit changesets for Nepal from April 25 to May 6

 | Cumulative | Per day |
| contributors | 5 765 | 804 |
| changesets | 117 300 | 9 775 |
| objects | 9 632 000 | 802 667 |


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I agree with Kadja.
This seems to be useful work even for novice mappers. If it isn't I'm sure we'll be told how to help better.
The basic guides and video are very good. 
Adding simple, disaster-specific instructions will help a lot, but I'm sure that will come.
It helped when task manager gave information about squaring buildings.
I don't think it's a waste of time to map buildings, especially in the country. Imagine, the map might help people be found and cared for.
If nothing else, it's been an exercise in positive visualization.
I'm sure there's a place and a time to give feedback, I'll hold mine for that.
Thanks to all the OSM and HOT and KLL groups.
I'm in it for the long haul.

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