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Thu May 7 19:08:51 UTC 2015

Some thoughts regarding landslides in OSM, as we may be dealing with them
in upcoming days. It looks like there are some standards folks have used in
the past that may apply, as in the following:



(Disaster related tags list
Sediment disaster)

hazard_prone = yes
hazard_type = landslide
landuse = brownfield
natural = bare_rock
surface = dirt
source = xxxx

Another resource mentioned their impact on roads:

And another appears to emphasize future hazards:

I propose an approach like this*:

hazard_type = landslide
landuse = brownfield
area = scarp (for bare area where slide originates)
area = deposit (for area where material comes to rest)
barrier = deposit(?) or scarp (?) when path road or stream appears blocked
adding these tags as per earlier instructions may be useful also:
source=DigitalGlobe , 2015-05-03

> rationale for specificity with barrier and areas is that scarp may be
impassable for a much longer time than the deposition area.
Also, fresh scarps are likely the most visible feature, as an example, a
highly probable earthquake related scarp is visible in the DG imagery near
27.795 85.7786.  I can't confidently make out where the deposit is,
though.  Nor can I tell if it blocks any paths or roads.
Scarp appears little used in OSM, so it would be easy to pull out recent
additions once people start actively mapping them -- and it is such a
useful term.
Many examples of mapped slides here:



*experience level: noob
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