[HOT] Nepal earthquake - Roads query

Kretzer kretzer at gmx.net
Sat May 9 00:16:28 UTC 2015

Hi Al,
do you still have that problem?

It's not quite clear to me - is that the iD editor you are using? That is, you clicked on "start mapping" and then on "edit with iD editor"? Usually you just see the black lines at the starting zoom level, and when you zoom in you can see the features in different colours. Maybe you zoomed in too much so that there was nothing in that area? (Sometimes that can happen really quickly when you use the mouse wheel for zooming). Have you tried to move the map around a bit, using the left mouse button?
Otherwise maybe the map data was just slow to load for some reason, I can't think of any other explanation.

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I'm quite new to this process and have come across something I don't understand. I have gone in to a couple of tasks bad round the Sindhuli highway (Task #2742) where many of the roads have been put on (coloured black), but when you magnify the area to mark, the roads disappear. This makes it difficult to know which ones have been done. 
Can anybody explain or help me with this?
Al Taylor
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