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Thanks Laura for your comments
you dont want you all to go home. This is true that such response brings in a lot of new contributor, some effervescence, discussions. At the same time, this is how the crowdsourcing community is progressing. Some volunteers see chalenges out of our discussion and then take the lead to respond in various ways : learning material, videos, update the softwares we have.
People that go over the first day session show to my point of view some interest to learn and progress, and they do. And the question is to how make this fun for all of us, new contributor or more experienced.
We surely need some visuals, Facsheet or other, that let's quickly find an answer and link to more detailed documentation.

You can connect to the live #hot irc channel and discuss. Less verbose then this list this week :)
Just provide a nickname to represent you on the discussion. This is public. Anyone can look at the discussion, type to present itself, ask questions and comment.
It worth's look back at what we did in only 5 years since the Haiti earthquake- Haiti 2010, 1 million objects edited in a month- Haiyan Philppines 2013, 1 million in half a week- Nepal 2015, nearly a million a day for 12 days.
We should not forget that must of the work is made by volunteers. Our Tasking Manager does exist only since the mid-2012. At every major response, we discuss and propose enhancements to this software. The core leaders, we started to discuss after the Hayian response about the need for more monitoring tools. This was even more necessary for the West Africa Ebola. With the unprecedented number of participants for this Nepal response, we are pushed again forward. Believe me, we feel the necessity to adapt rapidly.

As we receive new fundings to help better answer such responses, we should surely look at improving these various aspects.

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Ideas regarding using newbs,
Please embed instructions (and a link to Google translate or another) in Task manager.
Please put important instructions in Bold Capital Letters in Task manager.

Info on unlocking a tile isn't visible when you are locked in a tile and it's hard to realize you have to go back and do that in TM.

Please don't let new JOSM users validate tiles unless they've been vetted.
In my case it would be a disaster.

HOT has been linked to all over in media. Of course you're inundated with newbs. The message out there and in tutorials is that anyone can help with even 20 minutes and that learning how takes an hour or two. Um, no.

To avoid discouraging us, could discussions of our many mistakes be done off the HOT list that is one of the sources we go to to learn?

Consider a message like this that pops up on unlocking a tile:
"Thank you for mapping —please come back and see what you can do to help in the weeks, months, and years ahead."

Finally, I'm sure a lot of us would love to have someone comment on our work and point out errors.
Just remember the feedback sandwich: one positive feedback on either end of the criticism. 

And if absolute newbs  aren't helpful or needed please let us know so we can go home. 
Hope this helps! Thank you.

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