[HOT] Alignment to NextView in Job #190

drekmaby drekmaby at posteo.hu
Sat May 9 10:08:32 UTC 2015

Hi everybody!

Working on Job #190 among others and I'm quit puzzled: The instructions
say, that NextView should be used. I'm doing so by integrating the
imagery url in JOSM, tracing builings on Bing (because image quality is
better) and adjusting them to NextView. I also adjust existing buildings
to NextView and add the source=NextView-Tag, too. So I think, that I
follow the instructions by doing so.

Problem: Streets are aligned to Bing and inevitably get in conflict with
the buildings, that are aligned to NextView. The instructions say, that
NextView imagery is "orthorectified for terrain corrected geographic
precision", so it seems (to me) of higher spatial accuracy than Bing. In
the one tile that I finished in Kathmandu (task #1003) I adjusted the
streets to NextView, too.

But finally, it doesn't feel right. In other Jobs in the same area (e.g.
Job #1018) buildings are mapped, too, but not mentioning NextView at all.

How to deal with those inconsistencies between different jobs?

Does it make any sense, to introduce jobs with accurat imagery when
there're not avaible on the long run and finally create conflicts with
the database that is generally used (like Bing)?

Looking forward to some advices! Best regards,


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