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john o'l ol.john.el at gmail.com
Sun May 10 02:26:31 UTC 2015

Alas, the simple options that appeared to allow QGIS to make direct OSM
uploads seem to have disappeared with updates over the past few years and I
lack the technical chops to code an appropriate tool.

QGIS seems to prefer creating shape (SHP) files, and I found that copying
and pasting an attribute table will create a text file (I believe tab
delimited) of the format:
POLYGON((longitude<space>latitude,longitude<space>latitude,...etc)) then
attributes/tags. First question is whether anyone has or knows of an easy
conversion/upload tool to get this data into OSM? The closest I found still
would have had me manipulating python or XML -- I am sure no sensible
people really want me to go down that road.

Getting to know QGIS has been a treat, by the way. It is great at
extracting data from OSM and the imagery services associated with it. For
folks having trouble with the free form nature of OSM, it allows sifting
and structuring the data in a way that may be quite pleasing.  I can't help
but think Spring Harrison might enjoy extracting all the helicopter landing
pads and leisure=common in earthquake hit areas and give them a thorough
review, producing a shape or text file of his recommended choices.

It seems data generated by osm users contained within Google's kmls would
be available as long as it was extracted? Surely putting something in an
envelope doesn't render it the property of the envelope manufacturer...

Anyway, any help or non-coding recommendations would be appreciated!


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