[HOT] My validation of the day: crossing buildings

Daniel O'Connor daniel.oconnor at gmail.com
Sun May 10 03:37:27 UTC 2015

Hey all,
Just thought I might share and see if there are others out there with
similar/improved advice (perhaps suitable for turning into a learnosm or

I find a lot of value in the "crossing buildings" JOSM validation check.

Generally; I...
 * Find a semi populated area
 * Run the validations
 * Check crossing buildings

The types of errors fall into one of two main categories:
 - Buildings that should be air-gapped, with only a very slight intersection
 - Doubled buildings
 - Paths or roads through buildings

Doubled buildings are the ones I'm most interested in; they tend to occur
at the edges of task manager jobs - two mappers are working independently
and give two opinions on the size or shape of the building.
I tend to fix these by picking the best match; or even using the "join
overlapping ways" tool and squaring the results.
I think these are the the most important of the crossed building errors,
because queries on building counts can be inaccurate.

Air-gapping buildings is relatively easy - simple rotation or a slight move
often works. At time, using the "un-glue" tool in JOSM is needed; and
squaring afterwards.

Paths or roads often simply need slightly better accuracy to avoid routing
people through living rooms.

Tools such as OSMOSE can help find places that need a bit of care and


What other validations do people recommend, particularly in the context of
a HOT activation - routing related? Unclosed areas? etc
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