[HOT] Worried about task 1018

Springfield Harrison stellargps at gmail.com
Sun May 10 07:14:27 UTC 2015

Good thoughts, hope they can be implemented, 
Cheers . . . . . . . . Spring Harrison

At 09-05-2015 11:29 Saturday, laura brittain wrote:
>Ideas regarding using newbs, Please embed 
>instructions (and a link to Google translate or 
>another) in Task manager. Please put important 
>instructions in Bold Capital Letters in Task 
>manager. Info on unlocking a tile isn't visible 
>when you are locked in a tile and it's hard to 
>realize you have to go back and do that in TM. 
>Please don't let new JOSM users validate tiles 
>unless they've been vetted. In my case it would 
>be a disaster. HOT has been linked to all over 
>in media. Of course you're inundated with newbs. 
>The message out there and in tutorials is that 
>anyone can help with even 20 minutes and that 
>learning how takes an hour or two. Um, no. To 
>avoid discouraging us, could discussions of our 
>many mistakes be done off the HOT list that is 
>one of the sources we go to to learn? Consider a 
>message like this that pops up on unlocking a 
>tile: "Thank you for mapping —please come back 
>and see what yyou can do to help in the weeks, 
>months, and years ahead." Finally, I'm sure a 
>lot of us would love to have someone comment on 
>our work and point out errors. Just remember the 
>feedback sandwich: one positive feedback on 
>either end of the criticism. And if absolute 
>newbs aren't helpful or needed please let us 
>know so we can go home. Hope this helps! Thank 
>HOT mailing list HOT at openstreetmap.org 

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