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Phil (The Geek) Wyatt phil at wyatt-family.com
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Ensure CRS is WGS84 and then highlight a layer and right click, Zoom to


That should get your data on the map screen


Cheers - Phil


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Hello Phil,

        Thanks very much, was able to invoke that process and create the
other files under the Vector/OSM options.  I ended up with quite a few
files/layers in the Browser and Layers Windows.  But, for the life of me, I
could not get any of them to display.  None of them could be dragged into
the map window.

        I read through the help files on QGIS and it said to drag the
layer/files on the map view window to see them.  That option appeared to be
an invalid one according to symbology accompanying the cursor.

        This error message showed up but the process appeared to continue

Could not read file 'OSM.osm'.
Error is:
Missing attribute 'version' on OSM primitive with ID 3384278995. (at line 6,
column 58). 306 bytes have been read 

         Further investigation indicates that the point line and polygon
layers have 0 features, something has cocked up.

        What is the trick to get these layers to display?  I am new to QGIS,
thanks, Cheers . . . . . . . . Spring Harrison

At 09-05-2015 23:12 Saturday, Phil \(The Geek\) Wyatt wrote:

This is the quickest way to get OSM data into QGIS
From: Springfield Harrison [ mailto:stellargps at gmail.com
<mailto:stellargps at gmail.com> ] 
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To: john o'l; HOT
Subject: Re: [HOT] QGIS and OSM and..
Hello John,

I'm not up on the intricacies of the OSM database but could probably figure
it out fairly easily if there is any documentation to be had. Or even if
not. I'm quite familiar with Manifold GIS, used to work with ArcView and
have recently acquired QGIS. Over the years, I have done lots of data
import, export and translation.

If you can point me towards that helicopter landing pad data, I would be
happy to have a look at it. I presume I would access the complete OSM
database and then query to extract the helipad records.

I also am puzzled about the use of Google Earth. I don't propose to
misappropriate their imagery or flog the resulting lists for commercial gain
or sue them if a particular helipad turns out to be less than ideal. To me,
it is just an excellent background for assessing terrain. I wonder if it can
be coerced into loading post earthquake imagery?

Following on, how available is the file for the map of all the tiles used in
the Tasking process? That would be very useful for working outside of OSM. I
imagine all these files are online if I could just find the right address.

                Thanks very much, Cheers . . . . . . . . Spring Harrison

At 09-05-2015 19:26 Saturday, john o'l wrote:

Alas, the simple options that appeared to allow QGIS to make direct OSM
uploads seem to have disappeared with updates over the past few years and I
lack the technical chops to code an appropriate tool. Â 

QGIS seems to prefer creating shape (SHP) files, and I found that copying
and pasting an attribute table will create a text file (I believe tab
delimited) of the format:
POLYGON((longitude<space>latitude,longitude<space>latitude,...etc)) then
attributes/tags. First question is whether anyone has or knows of an easy
conversion/upload tool to get this data into OSM? The closest I found still
would have had me manipulating python or XML -- I am sure no sensible people
really want me to go down that road. 

Getting to know QGIS has been a treat, by the way. It is great at extracting
data from OSM and the imagery services associated with it. For folks having
trouble with the free form nature of OSM, it allows sifting and structuring
the data in a way that may be quite pleasing. I can't help but think Spring
Harrison might enjoy extracting all the helicopter landing pads and
leisure=common in earthquake hit areas and give them a thorough review,
producing a shape or text file of his recommended choices. 

It seems data generated by osm users contained within Google's kmls would be
available as long as it was extracted? Surely putting something in an
envelope doesn't render it the property of the envelope manufacturer...

Anyway, any help or non-coding recommendations would be appreciated!




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