[HOT] What are key HOT community groups/initiatives?

Martin Dittus martin at dekstop.de
Sun May 10 14:17:40 UTC 2015

Hallo all,

As some of you already know in the last months I’ve been looking at HOT community engagement, particularly at the key initiatives that organise HOT mapping projects through the tasking manager. I want to understand better how to build volunteer capacity, and how to then sustain it; in terms of online mapping activity, but also offline mapping parties and other forms of organisation.

Here is the talk I gave at the HOT Summit: “A large-scale study of Contributor Engagement in Humanitarian Mapping"

And here’s a visualisation I made yesterday that tracks contribution timelines of key initiatives:

This is partially about understanding the main activities that have substantial organisational support behind them (Haiyan, Ebola activation, Nepal, Missing Maps), but I’m also interested in looking beyond that and identifying other emerging initiatives within the community. MapLesotho is a great example of this: they started out of a personal interest but came incredibly far. Dave Corley also just mentioned that the Peace Corps is another group worth looking at.

What other initiatives are there?

- groups that organise their work through the tasking manager
- where their outputs end up on OSM



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