[HOT] Suggestion to support Newbie development via Validated work

Pierre Béland pierzenh at yahoo.fr
Sun May 10 22:12:57 UTC 2015

One simple solution would be to use the right panel on the Tasking manager to provide short updates. I think that we could revise rapidly by creating a page where the core coordinators could regularly revise the content, and yes make this more attractive.
Some suggestions were made over the last year, but most of the work is volunteered and we miss time!
We could also have a sliding menu with basic infos - LearnOSM, Learning material specific to the Nepal response.

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Pierre and all, If it's important to ramp upwork, a social media campaign (i.e. please repost), and an email blast toall those thousands if people who first contributed, or to the smallerpercent that stuck around would bring in the needed people power. Pointpeople to a landing page with concise information on what to map,buildings) and why. Most people have no idea the monsoon is coming and theurgency of the work.  I know people would be happy to help if theyknew. Having a long career inmarketing communications this is the type of thing that often comes upneeding quick response from leadership and marketing professionals. Usuallydone on a quick turn around without much fuss, these quick campaigns can bequite effective. Please excuse errors. Typed onmy phone. Sent with AquaMail for Android

OnMay 10, 2015 6:33:21 AM Pierre Béland <pierzenh at yahoo.fr> wrote:
This is a quite challenging mission,different terrain with these Nepal high mountains and after two weeks, lessmediatic attention.
We need to re-accelerate this responseand find ways to support newbies. They are as important as experiencedconributors and we should help them progress. 

I suggest to the new contributors thatwant help to go on the Live #hot irc channel. 

>From thislink, simply provide a nickname to identify yourself. You can type in topresent yourself as a new contributor looking for a mentor. If you listenat the discussion on the #hot irc, you will se that this is quite informaland a pleasant place to meet with other contributors.

The core HOT / OSM contributors, couldyou please assure a rotation on the #hot irc to assure the support to thenew contributors?

Thanks all for the response for thisemergency.

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 Objet :[HOT] Suggestion to support Newbie development via Validated work
Hi All,

Might Isuggest a way that will allow Newbies to see examples of good
interpretation and digitalisation:

In OSM Task Manager, theycould select a "Validated" tile, open it and 
look at the workcompleted. One would hope that the validated work is of 
standard, butthat is a different issue.
I tested this, and found that I could"invalidate" the work via a 
button. I presume that I could actuallymake alterations to this work as 
well. Neither of these two things Idid.

Perhaps, validated tiles could be accessible to Newbies to viewonly, 
thus allowing them to review what is considered good work.However, 
perhaps they should not have to ability to modify thework.
Selected tiles could be promoted as standard/quality etc. as thetiles 


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