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Thu May 14 09:13:48 UTC 2015

i was in san francisco at FOSS4G in March and there was a LOT of talk about
opendronemap and the tools developed under open source to create good
quality georeferenced imagery. thecost of drones has plummeted in the last
couple of years and is now available in large quantitities to mainstream
users. It strikes me this could make a big difference even in the search
and rescue phases with quick turnaround of imagery on the ground straight
to TMS servers. The issue will be locating suitable quantities, processing
and creating the right targeted jobs to use it effectively - I think the
technology is pretty much there.


On Thu, May 14, 2015 at 1:57 AM, john whelan <jwhelan0112 at gmail.com> wrote:

> HOT already has some experience of drones in Haiti using volunteers.  If
> we can grab the images from them then I'm sure they can be processed in a
> similar way to the way they are being done in Haiti, we just need to work
> out what to do with the data.  The sensors I strongly suspect just use a
> different part of the electromagnetic frequency, infra-red / UV for example.
> Crowdsourcing bit is more map the outline of the fields and give some of
> the programmers and GIS people something to play with.  Initially if we can
> get 20% of the gains for 1% of the cost of a commercial system then I think
> its doable and we can build on that.  If it works then there will be a lot
> of people very interested in mapping their bit of the world in OSM to get
> the benefits.
> I just float ideas sometimes.
> Cheerio John
> On 13 May 2015 at 19:22, Springfield Harrison <stellargps at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> Good thoughts John,
>> This is well underway with much hardware and software having been
>> developed.  As with everything, it has challenges.  Googling should turn up
>> tons of info on presion agriculture and crop health.
>> The cameras, drones and image processing require fairly high technical
>> knowledge, not likely a crowd activity.
>> Drones have many other uses and may be useful for reckon/mapping in the
>> Nepal disaster.  They might be useful to augment helicopter reconnaissance
>> and as a local eye in the sky for ground teams.   I have a back pack drone
>> with an HD camera which can do local inspections for about 20 min. per
>> battery.  Very good for inaccessible areas.
>> Drones will be our friends unless misuse brings an early demise.
>> Cheers . . . . .   Spring Harrison
>> Samsung Tab 4
>> On May 13, 2015 4:00 PM, "john whelan" <jwhelan0112 at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> I created a grid as a separate data layer using JOSM and saved it to my
>>> computer. I pull it in when I need it. The grid interval is based on my
>>> preferred zoom level.
>>> Tom Taylor
>>> TomT5454
>>> On 12/05/2015 7:45 AM, miiick at yahoo.com.au wrote:
>>>> Dear everybody,
>>>> I am looking for suggestions on how different people ensure that they
>>>> have looked at the entire contents of a mapping square.  e.g. How do you
>>>> ensure you have looked at the whole square and found all buildings.
>>>> At the moment I do a lot of panning and zooming and cover a square in a
>>>> fairly random manner.  I would like to have more structured method to
>>>> ensure I have covered a square.  Something like a transparent grid
>>>> overlay for JOSM.  I know that a task can be split and I have done that
>>>> to a few squares but have also worked on larger squares.
>>>> I am using JOSM and am able to figure out how to use all of the
>>>> functions, sometimes I just don't know what function I am looking for.
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> Michael.
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