[HOT] How to fully cover a grid square.

Blake Girardot bgirardot at gmail.com
Thu May 14 11:41:06 UTC 2015

Hi Pete,

I have really wanted something like has been discussed in this thread 
for a while now.

Your opaque indicator of reviewed areas reminds me of an idea we had for 
a JOSM plugin to help with these scanning type mapping tasks:

One of those overhead "spotlights" that follows you around and "exposes" 
land by illuminating the areas you have "walked" through like in an 
online mmorpg game. So you could easily see where you have already been 
because that was lit up and the darker areas around you needed more 
"exploring" to get revealed.

Just a nutty idea AndrewB, Zverik and I kicked around a few months 
(year?) ago to make mapping a little more fun, interactive, exploratory 
and thorough.


On 5/14/2015 12:55 PM, Pete Masters wrote:
> I ran a small mapathon at the MSF office at which we were doing task
> 993. This is a vast area and a lot of the squares have not a lot in
> them. As these were beginners, they were all using iD. They felt very
> comfortable using the arrows to scroll through the squares, so that
> their scanning was systematic. However, it is extremely slow - much
> slower than needed for this task anyway.
> Has anyone thought about a keyboard commend that moves the imagery, data
> etc one screen (width / height) in whatever direction is pressed? I'm
> estimating, but I think this would make new users two or three times as
> fast in this kind of task.
> One of the beginners also suggested that once a section of the task has
> been viewed (i.e. has been on screen), it could then be overlaid with a
> semi opaque colour, that could toggled on and off. Meaning that when a
> user finishes,  they could zoom out to make sure they have covered the
> entire task.
> Missing Maps has a vested interest in this as, to map large scale areas
> with lots of new mappers, we want them to be mapping as efficiently as
> possible. If we can double the area they can scan in any given minute,
> that's a big win for us.
> I'm not sure how to pursue these ideas (and the others on this thread)
> further. If anyone has advice, please send it my way.
> Pete
> On Thu, May 14, 2015 at 12:13 AM, Suzan Reed <suzan at suzanreed.com
> <mailto:suzan at suzanreed.com>> wrote:
>     Pat,
>     I would find useful:
>       * A grid that doesn't change gps coordinates as I change zoom
>         levels (50ft, 150ft, 300ft, 500ft).
>       * Something that can be easily turned on and off (keyboard shortcut?)
>       * Lines one pixel wide, very subtle, in a contrasting color,
>         possibly magenta (#FF00FF)).
>       * Numbers on one edge alphabet on the other.
>           o similar the printed maps in my car.
>           o in BoldFace Helvetica or Verdana 13 to 15 pt.
>           o in color making it easy to find an exact place.
>       * Nothing too fancy.
>       * In both ID and JSOM.
>     Hope this suggestion helps.
>     Suzan
>     On May 12, 2015, at 11:07 PM, Pat Tressel wrote:
>     Some while back, I suggested writing a JOSM plugin to help make sure
>     one has seen the entire task area.  Without going into details, the
>     idea was to split the task into a grid with cells (subtasks) just
>     slightly smaller than the viewport at the user's chosen zoom level.
>     When user is satisfied with their work in a subtask, they mark it as
>     done and step to the next (e.g. using the normal navigation keys).
>     The user could move out of the subtask without marking the task as
>     finished if they want to chase a long feature, then snap back to
>     where the subtask they were working on.
>     I got sidetracked onto other projects.  One of those will end in two
>     weeks, so there might be a window there,.  Is anyone interested in
>     collaborating on this?  I've worked on Java desktop applications
>     that involve graphics and drawing (for telemedicine and digitization
>     of ultrasound images), but have not done more than peek at JOSM.
>     The collaboration might just mean nudzing me about it, but if you've
>     worked on a JOSM plugin (hi, Andrew), this would be a good cause.  ;-)
>     -- Pat
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