[HOT] JOSM and shapefiles question

fofana fofana.13bazo at gmail.com
Wed May 20 09:21:01 UTC 2015

hi Pete,
Is it possible that you just send me two or three of your points? I'm
trying to verify this in my josm? because I know normally you can
customize colors,



Le 20/05/2015 09:10, Pete Masters a écrit :
> Hi all, 
> We are editing data in to OSM from Central African Republic. The
> process is fine, but the points are rendered in JOSM in a really light
> grey - very hard to see. The customise colour option is missing when
> we right click on the layer. 
> Is there any way to customise the appearance of these points? It would
> make the process a lot quicker (and easier on the eyes!)
> Cheers,

Fofana B. Bazo
Volontaire International
de la Francophonie 

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