[HOT] step by step recipe for iD bug reporting

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Hi Russ, 

I certainly know what it is like to think-tired! I'm almost there. 

The routing doesn't have to programmed to be an email. It can route in any number of ways. As a description of the workflow, I simplified to "email". 

Of course other teams would need to be involved if they have dominion over other parts of the workflow, like the Task Manager, Activation, Tech Working Groups. Whomever uses Github would need to buy in. 

Hopefully these groups will be open to supporting all the thousands of new contributors with healthy, supportive, easy-to-use solutions. Change is tough for me so I understand not wanting to change, even if it serves people better. 

I presented the workflow as a visualization for our conversation, and because that's how I think best, by seeing what would happen in the process and writing it down in detail. Then other people can tag in more easily. It also helps to know who would need to be a part of the team to "make it so". 


On May 23, 2015, at 10:40 PM, Russell Deffner wrote:

Sorry, it is late for me - I always try to offer a solution rather than just shoot something down; I just hadn't got there yet. A little more of my thinking: if we put any sort of 'report bug' link onto the Tasking Manager and it's for reporting more than issues with the TM itself, then we're going to need a lot more discussion (at least with our Activation and Tech Working Groups), so it's great to see some mock-ups, but without more time to really look at the logistics - if it basically sends an email - then that isn't going to fix problems that we will surely get like 'the website is down', how to I get the building plug-in for JOSM, etc.

My 'solution', and just to make sure everyone is aware of the 'official' OSM Help site: https://help.openstreetmap.org/ - we could definitely add a link to there on the TM.


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Hey Russ and all, 

The form can be programmed to go to the right team automatically depending on which radio button is selected (iD, JOSM, or Other. See the rough I sent. 

It's a straight forward programming line - radio1=JOSMteam (email address or web address etc.). Something like that! 


On May 23, 2015, at 9:51 PM, Russell Deffner wrote:

Never mind, think I answered my own question; so my opinion – if the idea is that anyone can ‘report a bug’ they find on any OSM tool/platform to the HOT volunteers coordinating the response who then triage and report to the proper place – that is not going to happen, sorry.

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How would the report then get to the proper place?

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On Sat, May 23, 2015 at 5:00 PM, Charlotte Wolter <techlady at techlady.com> wrote:
     Right. It should be clarified.
        "Problem with iD or JSOM"
       As for what else is needed, that is up to those who know how to fix either. Maybe the button above should lead to two choices: "iD" or "JOSM," at which point the appropriate questionnaire appears.
       Does JOSM include a way to report issues? To my knowledge, iD does not. Clearly they need to be separate.

JOSM bugs are reported on the josm.openstreetmap.de website. One the main JOSM page are the instructions: 
Found a bug? | Have an idea? | Make a suggestion?

		• Please report any bug found: Create a new ticket using the Report Bug entry in the main menu Help. Alternatively, the same function is available under About and Show status report.
		• Discuss ideas and suggestions also in the bug tracker, on the ​josm-dev mailing list, or on the ​#josm IRC channel.
JOSM is sold as an advanced editor which might give the impress that someone "steps up" from iD to JSOM. From what I've seen on HOT, for some tasks it is the preferred editor which means that new mappers are using JOSM. If they come from an open source, ie linux, background I don't see any real roadblocks to creating bug reports. But for the vast majority it is somewhat intimidating. One solution is to report the bug on the Tasking Manager for the task owner to verify. If it is a bug, the task owner reports the bug on the josm website. That allows the owner to triage the reports to make sure that they weed out user/training issues.

I'm inclined to suggest modifying the TM interface to include these issues. What does everyone else think?


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