[HOT] Low contrast imagery.

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Sun May 24 14:12:29 UTC 2015


I thought I'd share some techniques from radiology (image reading) which
can help when you are trying to map using imagery with low inherent
contrast such as the current #1073 - Kaligandaki Landslide - Gulmi (High
Alert District).  You can make your screen as bright as you can them dim
lights in the room. Adjust the opacity of the data layer in JOSM to quite
low so there is less glare from that, this will enable you to pick out
other features near to those already marked. Also try to  reduce any white
screen area to a minimum and make sure your mapping is full screened on
your computer.  Don't forget it can take up to half an hour for your eyes
to adjust to low light and only a few seconds of bright light to lose that,
so be cautious when your taking breaks.


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