[HOT] Help needed with a project in the Middle East

Blake Girardot blake.girardot at hotosm.org
Fri Oct 16 12:14:05 UTC 2015

Hi all,

I have a mildly complicated mapping project for an area in the Middle
East that I need help with.

This is for JOSM users and probably won't be publicly posted in the
Tasking Manager.

It is (probably) a great opportunity for anyone on the Activation
Coordinator track in the HOT Training Center to get the "Peer
Endorsed" badge for at least 1 of the modules in the curriculum.

Reply to me off list if you are interested and have some time to help
map an important project with imagery fresh off the satellite.


Blake Girardot
Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team
Vice President, HOT Board of Directors
skype: jblakegirardot

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