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Hi Ahasanul,

Are you already in contact with www.cadasta.org? And also in the
Netherlands a related initiative has started, see http://www.iicadastre.org/

Not sure if they will have the smartphone-based technical solutions for the
accuracy you mention though. But if you are ready to revert to drones with
LiDAR it will be possible... :-)

Experiences with mapping land parcels of small holder farmers in South
America have shown by the way that digitizing land parcels to resolve land
disputes/land claim issues might actually lead to severe "blackmailing" of
the initiative by those wanting to avoid the capturing of land and

Whether to call this project humanitarian or not is a question of how to
look at it and which type of project land you are talking about (belonging
to a CSO or NGO project?). In general mapping where people live and which
land they commonly use can definitely help in the response phase when
people have to relocate and find alternative sheltering. To return to their
-not officially owned- land can be an issue... if project developers or the
government want to start using/exploiting these areas differently. So it
could be called a form of data preparedness.

Best Marc

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Subject: [HOT] Suggestion needed for designing an OSM based project
Take greetings from Dhaka Bangladesh. I need a help to design an OSM based
project. An organization is thinking to digitalise some of their project
land areas, keep them on open platform and get regular update on the
tenure, rearrangement of allocation/splitting of the parcels, feature
change status regularly. But the land parcel's  measurement is a vital, it
should have inch level accuracy. Also, they are thinking to get all the
updates through a mobile app from field.

I found a strong potentiality of this idea with OSM . Now wondering, do
anyone know any example or similar type project what was/were based on OSM
? it will be great help for designing the project as well as for spreading
OSM in Bangladesh if you kindly share the links, report, experience alike.
You are also welcome to put your valuable suggestion in regards.

Thanks and Regards

Ahasanul Hoque

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