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All, please enjoy the first edition of the HOT newsletter - we hope you'll
choose to opt-in to future editions!


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*Edition 1*
*Update:  HOT Activation for Hurricane Patricia
*Ramani Huria Project Showcased at the Africa Open Data Conference*

*DAR ES SALAAM, Tanzania* - HOT showcased the Ramani Huria project, a community
mapping efforts in Dar es Salaam focusing on flood prone wards of the city, at
the inaugural Africa Open Data Conference in Sept 2015. The project is
significant for its use of drones to produce high-resolution aerial
imagery. The accurate and up-to-date data collected is being used to create
sophisticated maps, with data made available to all on OpenStreetMap.

The biggest crowd pleaser in the expo was the ‘mapping bajaj’! With support
from Trimble and Mapillary, Ramani Huria as adapted a bajaj (auto-ricksaw)
to hold two cameras to take street view imagery which will be uploaded to
Mapillary, an online map and community of crowdsourced, free, and openly
licensed street level photos. Read more

*Meet Tyler Radford - Executive Director*

I am pleased to share with you the first edition of the HOT Newsletter,
developed by our amazing Communications Working Group.  As HOT continues to
do great work around the world through dedicated staff and volunteers, I
hope to highlight the scale of our collective accomplishments and design
better ways to engage, support and recognize our people throughout our
global community. We want to hear from you! To contribute content to the
Newsletter, please send your news items to communications at hotosm.org
<communications at hotsom.org>.

*- Tyler Radford*
*Community Building* *KHAYELITSHA, South Africa *- HOT/Missing Maps helps
the Red Cross address top community issue - fire. Field volunteers validate
remote tracing data and add building attributes to assist the Red Cross
plan for low-cost, meshed network of smart home fire sensors to better
understand fire concerns through data. Read more
South Sudan* - HOT/Missing Maps expedites MSF's first stage clustering to
understand real distribution and presence of people at the Doro Refugee
Camp. Read more
Mapping *WASHINGTON, DC* - Kabita Ghimire is a Nepalese geographer working
on her PhD at Kansas State.  After the 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck
Nepal, Kabita was introduced to HOT/OSM at a Red Cross mapathon and
subsequently rallied the Nepalese diaspora community across the U.S. to
assist with mapping efforts. Read more

*Chile & California* - HOT supported responses to the #ChileEarthquake and
California #ValleyFire Tech Development *Export Tool is LIVE! *Create
custom OpenStreetMap (OSM) exports in a number of file formats for various
regions around the world.  Download

is now in beta.  OAM is a collection of openly licensed satellite and
unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) imagery. HOT in the News

   - Why OpenStreetMap is the Most Important Thing in Geo
   - HOT’s Tanzania team featured in the Guardian
   - Balikpapan OSM Mapping Competition Launch in Jakarta

*Thank You To Our August/September Donors:*

*Individual Donors:*
Sally Arsenault
Shaun Forouzandeh
Oliver Glover
Damien Grose
Chan Ka Shing
Richard Masters
Pierre-Emmanuel Van Ranst
Rik Williams

*Corporate Donors:*

Call to Action*

Hurricane Patricia Inland Mapping
Hurricane Patricia Coastal Mapping
Chile Earthquake

Tanzania Road Network
Benin Base Roads
Sudan Cholera Outbreak

*Nov 14:  *
Missing Maps Workshop - Ottawa

*Nov 15-21: *
*Global HOT Community*

HOT Board Members Heather Leson and Nama Budathoki spoke at State of the
Map Taiwan

The Mexico HOT/OSM
community conducted a HOT exercise during the National Earthquake Drill

Activation Workshops
bring HOT together on three continents in 2015.

Rafael Avila Coya gives talk on OSM for Humanitarian Response in Galicia

*Mapping Tip:   iD Editor for Mapping South Sudan*
[image: OpenStreetMap iD Web Editor - How map some huts and roads in South

Map any place in the world, even if you've never been there.
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