[HOT] Post-seism Pleiades images of 3 Afghanistan cities

Jean-Guilhem Cailton jgc at arkemie.com
Thu Oct 29 10:54:16 UTC 2015


After the Oct 26 Badakhshan earthquake, Airbus DS has donated access to
Pleiades images of three Afghan cities, Fayzabad, Taloqan and Kunduz,
taken on Oct 28, and acquired within the framework of the International
Charter, Space and Major Disasters.

They have been processed (pansharpening, conversion and color
processing) and set-up on OpenStreetMap France server, and are available
as TMS and WMS.


(for iD, replace "zoom" with "z")

A layer with near infrared band displayed as red is also available:

The WMS access for each is at :

Due in particular to the rushed and difficult treatment conditions,
there is an offset relative to Bing, which should be corrected in your
editor before tracing data for OSM.

They are licensed under the "special web license for OSM", which in
short only allows to use the image to develop derivative works (=
"trace") provided that they are included in OSM database. Full text:

Use "source=Pleiades 20151028, CNES, Airbus DS"

Note that Copernicus Grading Maps of Fayzabad and Taloqan show no
visible damage detected.
In Kunduz, the visible damage to the MSF Hospital is not due to the

Best wishes,


PS : still copying this email to the HOT mailing list, even though it
turns out to be officially considered that this kind of email absolutely
needs a priori moderation there...

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