[HOT] Getting current satellite data after an emergency

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Hi Edwin,

A few people are testing the use of Sentinel imagery for potentiel use in
OSM and I guess they will provide some feedback afterwards.



On Mon, Sep 14, 2015 at 10:14 PM, Edwin Wisse <edwin at kandedifang.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> In the past i have participated in some missing maps and hotosm tasks.
> However, i have often found it difficult to distinguish between terrain
> types in areas i do not know. For example, along a river in Central Africa
> vegetation marks the low water river banks, the area behind it can flood
> during high water. In a missing maps task the task was to map these areas
> to identify sleeping sickness vulnerable areas. This cannot be done well
> using a single dataset for a single date of aerial images. The instructions
> in the task descriptions are very helpful but sometimes not enough. One
> needs more information than aerial photos provide.
> Presently there is an increasing number of satellites providing more and
> more information. The european Sentinel series provides both radar and
> visual imagery and various dataproducts derived from that imagery. These
> information products are used in emergency situations. The humanitarian
> openstreetmap tasks benefit from a simple mapping client like the
> in-browser iD editor. id gives the user a choice in background layers, by
> default a user can choose between bing, mapbox and mapquest.
> Do you think it would be beneficial if satellite data products like
> Sentinel derived information were available in an in-browser openstreetmap
> editor like iD? I think information products like vegetation maps, soil
> moisture, etc would provide useful background information and could be
> described well enough in the task instructions.
> Best regards,
> Edwin Wisse
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