[HOT] Join our fundraising campaign!

Katja Ulbert katja.ulbert at hotosm.org
Sat Dec 17 14:28:30 UTC 2016

Dear HOT community,

the focus of our fundraising campaign this year is the kick-off of our 
micro-grants program, an initiative I welcome and truly believe in. 
Besides remote mapping, the development of high-tech and digital tools, 
local on-the ground mapping communities serve as one basic pillar of our 
organisation we cannot do without. Leading a small grassroots mapping 
team myself I know how indispensable support with technical equipment 
and independent funding is, it is also highly motivating to know your 
small team is backed-up and supported by a large and diverse community.

As you know we have launched an end-of-the-year fundraising campaign, 
now we need your support! You can do this by either donating yourselves, 
sharing our appeal on social networks, among friends, families and 
colleagues, and reach out to organisations. On our causevox site you 
will find multiple ways to get involved, you can register as an 
individual, join an existing team or create one yourself. 
https://donate.hotosm.org/ Our fundraising working group is always open 
for your ideas and suggestions.

When we all team up we can achieve great things, and have lots of fun 
too:-) So let´s do this together.

I wish everybody a happy festive season and a wonderful start in the new 
year. Happy Mapping 2017!



Katja Ulbert
Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team HOT
-Board of Directors-
katja.ulbert at hotosm.org | skype: katjaulbert | whatsapp +49 175 5660 818


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