[HOT] New version of Disaster OpenRouteService of GIScience Research Group Heidelberg - your opinion needed!

Melanie Eckle melanieeckle at gmx.de
Thu Dec 22 17:43:59 UTC 2016

Dear all,

we want to hereby inform you that the GIScience Research Group of 
Heidelberg University is currently working on a new version of the 
Disaster OpenRouteService. With this routing service being developed 
specifically for disaster routing puposes, we would love to hereby get 
your opinion regarding the provided features to enable adapting the 
Disaster ORS to your needs in disaster response and management!

If you have already been using the Disaster ORS and would like to 
support us, please fill the survey: 

For all of you that have not used the service yet, that are however 
interested in supporting us, find more information below:

The Disaster ORS is a special instance of the OpenRouteService (see 
http://www.openrouteservice.org/), a OpenStreetMap based routing service 
that allows you to calculate routes considering different forms of 
transport, bypass areas and routing preferences.

The Disaster ORS was first implemented after the earthquake in Haiti 
and again after the Nepal earthquakes 2015 
and Ecuador eartquake 2016 

The /OpenRouteService/ SOS-route profile that is integrated in the 
Disaster ORS considers passable and impassable tagged ways and 
dynamically adjusts the graph weights of OSM streets accordingly. 
Additionally the Disaster ORS provides an Accessibility Analysis Service 
for a given location, the possibility to export GPS tracks to be used 
offline in mobile devices and the interactive Avoid Feature Area Tool 
(in case areas are severely effected by debris and not accessible at 
all). These features are thus potentially valuable for Search and Rescue 
(SAR) units.

Thank you in advance and happy holidays,

on behalf of the GIScience Research Group
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