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ngt osm at juhaag.de
Mon Feb 1 18:20:02 UTC 2016

Hello Mike,

I can't find this task and there is only one other invalidated task in this projct. Maybe a mapper split task #6 into 4 new tasks.

It is up to a validator to provide a clear and encouraging message. Also I don't like validators that are too picky. Got an invalidation because of 1 (one) missing building..

The best thing is to write a message to the validator.. But in your case there might be no way to retrieve the information who invalidated this task.

If a validator invalidates a task because of missing elements that are not being asked for, I just would mark it again as complete and make a comment pointing to the instructions.


Am 1. Februar 2016 19:04:00 MEZ, schrieb Mike Thompson <miketho16 at gmail.com>:
>I am getting messages through the tasking manager about my work on
>and #1429.
>1)"The task was invalidated because of missing roads" (the task only
>for buildings)
>2) "The task was invalidated because of missing buildings."  It would
>good to have examples of where I missed buildings.  I suspect that the
>validator is picking up things that are not intact buildings.  When
>invalidating a task could more details be provided? Also when I click
>the link (http://tasks.hotosm.org/project/1449#task/6) for the task in
>question, the tasking manager says the task does not exist.
>I am an experienced mapper, so this is not going to discourage me from
>contributing, but I can see how this might put off a new mapper.
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