[HOT] OSM Nicaragua's Transit Map Project Update

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Tue Feb 2 19:44:50 UTC 2016

It looks really nice, congratulations. If I want to prepare one for Valdivia-Chile, which procedure should I follow? 



From:  Felix Delattre <felix.delattre at hotosm.org>
Date:  Tuesday, February 2, 2016 at 15:44
To:  <hot at openstreetmap.org>
Subject:  Re: [HOT] OSM Nicaragua's Transit Map Project Update

Wuuhuuu... we made it! Managua has it's bus map.
 Today we distributed the first printed maps to the people: https://www.facebook.com/mapanica/posts/603892446431219
 Do you want to read more about it: http://confidencial.com.ni/the-true-geographers-take-the-buses/
 And here you can download the paper map: http://rutas.mapanica.net/mapa
 Thank you HOT for making this possible!
 On 27/01/16 14:55, Felix Delattre wrote:
 we just finished the print design for the first proper transportation map of Managua: http://support.mapanica.net/
 There are only four days left until our crowd-funding initiative is over (31 of January) and we are only $1500 short from reaching our goal.
 Please consider supporting us now and get rewarded with your paper map or cool T-shirt with Managua's public transport map build out of OpenStreetMap data and collected by people that want to make a change in their community by the use of Free Technologies.
 We also appreciate any help spreading this message to your friends and over social media.
 Thank you!
 On 14/01/16 14:39, Felix Delattre wrote:
Dear all,
 thank you all so much for your support! 
 Currently, we are working hard to finish the print design and print hopefully soon. We want to give a map that simplifies live and reduces pollution back to the people in our city.
 We are about to get to half of our goal. Now we would like to make the second half.
 If you speak Spanish and you want to know more about our activires, I invite you to read about our last year's community on mapping with children on the carribean coast: http://unicef.org.ni/publicacion/169/geotecnologias-una-herramienta-para-innovar/
 On 14/01/16 00:24, Jaakko Helleranta wrote:
As noted to Samuel (directly) I can send his donation (and handle the transaction with him) as I assume/think that Haiti is not on the list due to Paypal limitations. 

As for others:
I'd like to challenge those that can to donate to this project.

Here's the challenge:
While I've already contributed $100 myself I will donate up to another $200 in $50 chunks for each contributor who donates $100 or more.

Please let me know if this challenge inspires you to donate and let me know if so, and I'll pitch in $50 more for your donation (for up to 4 donations for touch base with me first).


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On Wed, Jan 13, 2016 at 4:26 PM, ALCE, Samuel Paul <alcesamuelpaul at gmail.com> wrote:

I would like to contribute but I wonder what country should I choose if I am in Haiti?
 Haiti is not on the list in the contribution page! 

ALCE Samuel Paul, 

Port-au-Prince, Haiti 

Field Data Coordinator @ DAI / USAID
 Géo-Information Specialist (GIS)
 Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team member
 OpenStreetMap contributor in Haiti 
 OSM username: ALCE Samuel Paul 

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 Skype: samuelalce  
 Whatsapp: (509) 4289-7651
On Jan 7, 2016 16:57, "Blake Girardot HOT/OSM" <blake.girardot at hotosm.org>  wrote:
Hi all,
 You might remember Felix's email from a few weeks ago about the
 project he and local mappers in Managua self-organized to map the
 city's 380 km of bus routes.
 It is really an amazing story and accomplishment and will make a big
 difference in the lives of well over 1 million people who depend on
 the public transit system in Managua and never had a map of routes or
 stops before now.
 He wrote up a blog post for HOT about it:
 And as you may or may not remember, now that they have the routes and
 stops fully mapped, they need to design a printed transit map and
 produce an initial run of 20,000 copies so the people of the city can
 really benefit.
 76% of the population of Nicaragua lives on less than USD $2.00 per
 day, the only chance most of them will have to make use of this new
 transit system map is if it is printed and distributed in the city and
 on the buses.
 Felix and HOT are running a donation site to fund the design and
 production of the printed maps with a goal of raising $7,500 for the
 initial 20,000 print run.
 This is a great chance to directly affect the lives of over a million
 people in a way that no one has been able to accomplish in years of
 trying (see the blog post). OSM Nicaragua did it on their own, please
 help them finish the job and get this map printed and into the hands
 of citizens who need it:
 And please tweet the HOT blog post or retweet OSM Nicaragua's tweet:
 Blake Girardot
 Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team
 Vice President, HOT Board of Directors
 skype: jblakegirardot
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