[HOT] HOT Summit Quick Update

mikel.maron at hotosm.org mikel.maron at hotosm.org
Tue Feb 16 15:17:01 UTC 2016

We had a great rapid kick off meeting today for organizing HOT Summit 2016. Here's a few rough notes of our discussion so far.
Talked about locations and format. Leading idea is something connected to SotM in Brussels. Another possibility is an additional event connected to ICCM in Manila. Want to connect with as much of the global HOT community as possible. Length in mind 1-2 days. Audience would be both established HOT community, and expansion to new folks -- volunteers, humanitarian orgs and NGOs, funders. Approximately 100-150 attendees. Scholarships could be really valuable, but takes fundraising and prioritization. 
We ended with a quick set of actions -- setting up a first website, look at logo and design, draft a concept note, and start researching venues -- and organized ourselves on Trello.
Next meeting, possible next week or the week after --- we'll assess over email. If you'd like to get involved, send me a note, and we can add you to the group. -Mikel
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