[HOT] OSM Tasking manaager #1129 imagery priority

David Groom reviews at pacific-rim.net
Sat Feb 20 14:00:32 UTC 2016

OSM Tasking manaager #1129  imagery priority

When there is a difference between detailed Bing imagery and the 
WorldView-2, 07 Nov 2014; DigitalGlobe, NextView imagery which should 
take precedence?

An example can be seen to the south west of the sports pitch here 

There are two small buildings north of the DepEd building on Bing, not 
seen on Worldview

There is a small group of trees to the immediate west of The DedEd 
building on Bing, but buildings can be seen here in Worldview

This is a minor, but easy to appreciate example.  I have also come 
across quite a few buildings traced from Bing (and still visible on the 
Bing  imagery), but there is no evidence of these on Wordview imagery


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