[HOT] GISLounge article about HOT - nice article, good website

Blake Girardot HOT/OSM blake.girardot at hotosm.org
Mon Feb 22 12:56:53 UTC 2016

Hi Everyone,

HOT Communications Working Group member Paul Stewart did a short
interview with a really cool website called GISLounge:


In addition to the nice article, it was my first exposure to GISLounge
and I really like the website. For me as a non professional in GIS
(Geographic Information Systems) but who enjoys mapping and GIS in
general, I find the website to be at just the right level for someone
with my experience.

If you like mapping and want to learn more about the field of GIS and
cartography, I think that website looks like a good one to visit,
spend some time on and subscribe to their news feeds.

>From their about page:
GIS Lounge is an information portal primarily relating to the field of
geographic information systems. The purpose of this site is to provide
introductory text for issues relating to GIS as well as interesting
news items, tips, and resources for the geospatial field. This site is
run by Caitlin Dempsey Morais.



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