[HOT] #1537 Missing Maps: West Swaziland - new mapper

Blake Girardot bgirardot at gmail.com
Tue Feb 23 22:38:50 UTC 2016

Hi German,

1. Use the Bing imagery where possible. I don't see much offset between 
the two in the areas I checked but I know it varies. If you have to use 
both for some reason, just align the Mapbox imagery with the buildings 
drawn using the Bing imagery before you trace.

In iD use the "Background settings" tab on the right (looks like 3 
stacked sheets of paper) and at the bottom it says "Align Imagery" and 
clicking that gives you four arrows to move the layer around.

2. & 3. - If it looks like a structure, please map it :) Some structures 
that are significant can be very small, latrines and meat drying shacks 
for example are pretty tiny, but significant. So if you think it is a 
structure, just map it.

Even if it is just an animal run-in shed, in some situations when people 
are on the ground trying to find their way, they will be looking for any 
landmark they can find on a map to match up with what they are looking 
at on the ground so it helps in those situations too.

Welcome aboard and thank you very much for asking, please ask anything 
else that comes to mind, we are always happy to answer questions and if 
you have the question, other people do too so it helps everyone.


On 2/23/2016 10:43 PM, German Whitley wrote:
> I'm new to HOT/OSM projects and am working on the Swaziland Task as my
> intro project.
> Three questions so far:
> 1. Should I be using Bing Imagery? (Fairly significant offset from
> Mapbox imagery.)
> 2. Is there a minimum size of building to map? I've seen some things
> that may be very small sheds, but I can't really confirm that based on
> the imagery.
> 3. When in doubt, should I map it as a building or leave it out? I
> realize there will be a review.
> Thanks- German
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