[HOT] Fwd: Accuracy ( international women's day)

Blake Girardot bgirardot at gmail.com
Mon Feb 29 17:31:49 UTC 2016

On 2/29/2016 4:53 PM, Gertrude Hope wrote:

> Which is more accurate between fieldpapers and OSMtracker?

Hi Gertrude,

Lots of good advice so far.

Fieldpapers is literally a print out on paper of either the buildings 
and streets mapped in OSM already or the satellite imagery.

Then you walk around and mark on the paper, on the buildings or the 
imagery, the things you want to enter in openstreetmap later.

Then you go back to a location and take a picture or scan the field 
papers with your notes on them, upload them and can use them in JOSM or 
the iD to then actually map in the data you recorded on the print outs.

So fieldpapers does not rely on gps at all, and is probably the most 
accurate, but is a fair amount more steps to use. Here is a much better 
description of FieldPapers.


BUT you can use a gps and field papers together, so you do not need to 
scan in the field papers.

You would use OSMTracker or OSMAnd to record the data for easy upload, 
AND mark it on the field papers so when you are adding the points to OSM 
you can double check exactly which building or which corner of a 
building the point should go on.

You can also of course add other things on your field paper notes, like 
opening hours and things.

A third option is to use a gps and software that allows you to take a 
picture at the waypoint (OSMAnd does that I am pretty sure), which then 
you can use the picture when uploading your data to confirm exact placement.


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