[HOT] Tasking Manager - Comments

Blake Girardot bgirardot at gmail.com
Mon Feb 29 19:43:31 UTC 2016

Hi Mike,

No, only automatically for "invalidated" but when you validate, you can 
type an '@' and then the user's name and they will get a message in the 
tasking manager with the comment.

For user names with spaces, you have put the full username in [ ]'s if 
the auto complete does not locate it after typing the part before the space.

@[blake girardot] but just @bgirardot and as I said, there is auto 
complete so about half the time a two word name shows up and you can 
just select it from the pop down list.

You can also @ more than one person if more than one person contributed 
to the task square. @name1 @name2 etc.

Also, note, that in JOSM, there is an "authors" panel you can display 
because often a square will be all or partially mapped by someone other 
than the person who marked it done, especially with new mappers.

I usually search in josm for building=* and look in the authors panel to 
see who mapped the buildings (or whatever feature I am sending feedback 
about) just to make sure I am @'ing the right person(s).


On 2/29/2016 8:30 PM, Mike Thompson wrote:
> When a task is validated does the user who marked the task as complete
> get a message?  I know if a task is invalidated they do.  In some cases
> there are only minor issues with a task, such as a building wasn't
> squared so I just fix it and validate the task, but it would still be
> good to provide some feedback such as "Good job, remember to square all
> buildings next time." Even if a task was done perfectly it would be a
> good thing if the user would get positive feedback.
> Mike
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