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Andrew Patterson andrewvhp at gmail.com
Fri Jan 8 12:39:44 UTC 2016

Interesting reading through the conversation stimulated by John Whelan's
original challenge, which raises a lot of echo's in my mind of starting up
on HOT mapping.  Starting off on an immediate crisis task was an obvious
choice, although opening up the first part completed tasks and seeing very
poor mapping, which as a beginner I felt unqualified to amend, left me
chasing around for a task area in which no action has taken place.  At the
time, there was another emerging crisis and I started in here, and
immediately had comments back from Blake - and I was hooked !!

Once the crises had passed, it was difficult to decide what project to
start on next, since there were so many part completed ones about, with no
real indicating whether they were live or not, even when the Task Manager
still indicated High Priority.

Having been an early recipient of one of Polyglot's Screencasts, I can
endorse their usefulness, perhaps made easier in this first instance in
that only buildings were required and therefore the range of options to be
used in JOSM was reasonably constrained.  But in honesty, most of the HOT
mapping requires only a limited knowledge of JOSM, and I would support a
suite of training screencasts to cover these.  Following this route would
allow a build up of confidence in JOSM, from which a wider experimentation
could be contemplated with less trepidation !!  The other huge benefit of
the current task supports comments made over the past few weeks - the task
areas are not huge, and can be completed in a couple of hours-ish, and the
rate of validation has been fantastic, so instant feed back, and hopefully
instant improvements from myself.

I will follow the continuing dialogue with interest


Andrew Patterson

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