[HOT] Digitizing complicated buildings in JOSM - Short Tutorial from Mapbox

Jo winfixit at gmail.com
Wed Jan 20 10:37:40 UTC 2016

The buildings will have 2 sides parallel and 2 sides perpendicular to the
imaginary line passing through those 2 nodes you selected.

If you select a building which is not with 90 degree corners everywhere,
you will find there is more than one way/direction in which the new
building can be drawn.

It's quite versatile and it's almost never necessary to select 2 nodes like


2016-01-20 9:04 GMT+01:00 Alessandro Fanna <rospus at gmail.com>:

> Hi Blake, hi all (my first post here).
> I have 2 options for your doubt:
> 1. By selecting 2 nodes every box you're going to draw will be parallel.
> Same effect as selecting another box. The difference is that the 2 nodes
> could be of any geometry, i.e. a road's pipe with a particular angle that
> you want to follow (good for drawing buildings parallel to a street).
> 2. Maybe he was referring to another way of drawing complex buildings: by
> adding 2 nodes on a box side, you can extrude the portion with the 'Create
> area shortcut' tool. This way you don't have to select and merge
> overlapping boxes at the end.
> Hope I got it right.
> Cheers from Italy ;-)
> Alessandro
> 2016-01-20 0:46 GMT+01:00 Blake Girardot <bgirardot at gmail.com>:
>> Hi all,
>> For the JOSM users:
>> https://www.mapbox.com/blog/fast-building-tracing/
>> I tend to use the X tool, but both ways illustrated are great.
>> The only part of the text that does not make sense to me is where it says
>> in the "area intersections" method: "then select 2 nodes of that box"
>> My understanding and usage of the building tool is that if you select a
>> building as a way, you know, just click on the building to select it, then
>> switch to the building tool 'B', every building you draw will be parallel
>> to that selected building. That is what it looks like he does in the
>> animated gif demonstration.
>> If someone knows what the 'select 2 nodes' applies to and how it is
>> different than just selecting the whole building, I'd love to hear it.
>> Thank you for the tutorial Andrey.
>> Happy building mapping!
>> Cheers,
>> Blake
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