[HOT] OSM Data Analysis Tool - Opportunity for Web Developers

Cristiano Giovando cristiano.giovando at hotosm.org
Fri Jan 29 03:13:07 UTC 2016

(with apologies for cross-posting)

Hello fellow mappers!

HOT was recently awarded a prototype grant by the Knight Foundation to
build an OSM Data Quality Analysis Tool [0]. We envision this
prototype to help us answering questions about the quality and content
of data we create, as well set the foundation for a framework that
allows development of future tests/functions.

After some initial brainstorming back in December, we identified the
technical stack and requirements for building the prototype. The goal
is to reuse parts of existing open libraries and APIs where possible,
put them together with some javascript magic and build an easy to use
Web interface to run the analyses.

See more details about the call and scope of work here [1].

If you are interested in the job and have strong Web development
skills, please apply! We would love to see someone from the HOT/OSM
community building it. Either ways, please help us spread the word and
forward the link to anyone who might be interested.

Deadline is next Friday, February 5th!



[0] http://www.knightfoundation.org/grants/201551652/

[1] https://hotosm.org/job/osm_data_analysis_tool_call_for_web_developer/2016

Cristiano Giovando
Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team
cristiano.giovando at hotosm.org

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