[HOT] Thimphu city council building footprints import

Rafael Avila Coya ravilacoya at gmail.com
Wed Jul 13 00:05:15 UTC 2016

Hi all:

The Thimphu Thromde (Thimpu city council), Bhutan, has released three 
sets of data for the capital city of the kingdom, that we are aiming for 
import into OSM: building footprints, street geometries (with names) and 
house numbers.

The first set is open to manual import by the community through this 
Tasking Manager project: http://tasks.hotosm.org/project/2017

Before you contribute, you are requested to read carefully and 
understand in full the import workflow wiki: 

The Kathmandu Living Labs (Nepal) will give some training in Thimphu 
next month, and so helping the growth of a local OSM community there.

Cheers, and happy mapping!


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