[HOT] Fwd: [CrisisMappers] Details on any existing geo-service within the Humanitarian (and Development) space?

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Hi mappers,

Perhaps you might be able to assist with this request?

Andrej, Henry - meet HOT

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Date: 28 Jul 2016 22:11
Subject: [CrisisMappers] Details on any existing geo-service within the
Humanitarian (and Development) space?
To: "crisismappers at googlegroups.com" <crisismappers at googlegroups.com>
Cc: <henry at humanitarianresponse.info>, "Emma Jane Hogbin Westby" <
emma at humanitarianresponse.info>

Hi all,
> I am forming a new team in OCHA called *Shared Digital Services *(SDS).
> Within that team, Henry (copied) is conducting a quick landscape analysis
> related to (humanitarian) geo-taxonomy services. We would like to
> understand what geo-services have been developed and/or are currently being
> used in the humanitarian and development space along with their
> technological details and governance model(s).
> FYI: by geo-service we are referring to a service that provides such
> things as WMS, vector titles, GeoJSON, and/or administrative boundary
> taxonomies out to other systems for use..
> Given the awesome and knowledgeable group that you are, I was hoping that
> you could help point us to any initiatives that you know about (ideally
> with contact details). We are looking for answers to questions such as the
> ones below:
>    1.
>    What is the main goal / intention of the service?
>    2.
>    Does the service display maps and/or lists of current administrative
>    boundaries?
>    3.
>    Does the service serve out vector tiles for consumption into other
>    applications?
>    4.
>    Does the service serve out the administrative boundaries as text for
>    consumption into other applications (e.g. API)? If so, in what format?
>    (e.g. JSON)
>    5.
>    Does the service focus on a specific administrative boundary level?
>    (e.g. Admin 1, Admin 2, country/operation specific). Is this data
>    consistently available and up-to-date?
>    6.
>    Who is allowed to access it? Who are the primary consumers?
>    7.
>    How is the service maintained technically? How quickly are updates
>    made and by whom?
>    8.
>    How is the content governed or managed? Does the service provide
>    distributed access allowing authorized user to modify the data
>    9.
>    How do you ensure that the data is standardized?
> *Please send any ideas, suggestions or answers to Henry*. He is also
> available to setup a Skype call or Google Hangout if you would like to talk
> through these questions or discuss a geo-service in more detail.
> Andrej
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