[HOT] MapLesotho Phase 2

CiarĂ¡n Staunton ciaran.staunton at gmail.com
Wed Jun 1 02:48:18 UTC 2016

I wanted to just let everyone here know that #MapLesotho has now got a
complete basemap. As Martin Dittus has shown it all started with a the
enormous tasks in July 2014. Sorry that those dragged :), but then anything
covering a whole country will. To everyone out there who helped let me say

Now the #MapLesotho story moves on. The flocking and sustaining effects of
mappers here on hotosm creates a sense of purpose. Lesotho now has an
indigenous  mapping community of 10 regular mappers and 70 others who
participate when they can. They are big enough now to sustain 11 tasks and
are mapping all June in a relay fashion starting today in Quthing and going
around eleven venues in Lesotho clockwise until the 30th.

Lesotho is a disaster preparedness mapping project. It doesn't need your
urgent attention. All the same stop on by the tasks - 1941 today - to take
a tile or validate. Or simply shout your warm #MapLesotho wishes on twitter
as they like to see the support. There will be a blog post each day on the
wordpress from whoever is holding the mapathons.
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