[HOT] MapLesotho Phase 2

Katja Ulbert katja.ulbert at hotosm.org
Wed Jun 1 09:57:42 UTC 2016

Lots of congrats from my side for achieving the basemap, and especially 
for the building of a community, smaller number of trained OSMers 
periodically joined by a larger group of mappers for special projects 
seems to be the way to go. Keep up the good work!


On 01/06/16 04:48, CiarĂ¡n Staunton wrote:
> I wanted to just let everyone here know that #MapLesotho has now got a 
> complete basemap. As Martin Dittus has shown it all started with a the 
> enormous tasks in July 2014. Sorry that those dragged :), but then 
> anything covering a whole country will. To everyone out there who 
> helped let me say thanks.
> Now the #MapLesotho story moves on. The flocking and sustaining 
> effects of mappers here on hotosm creates a sense of purpose. Lesotho 
> now has an indigenous  mapping community of 10 regular mappers and 70 
> others who participate when they can. They are big enough now to 
> sustain 11 tasks and are mapping all June in a relay fashion starting 
> today in Quthing and going around eleven venues in Lesotho clockwise 
> until the 30th.
> Lesotho is a disaster preparedness mapping project. It doesn't need 
> your urgent attention. All the same stop on by the tasks - 1941 today 
> - to take a tile or validate. Or simply shout your warm #MapLesotho 
> wishes on twitter as they like to see the support. There will be a 
> blog post each day on the wordpress from whoever is holding the mapathons.
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