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Greetings Dharini,


For more information on the imagery we used for the HOT Activation, see http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/2016_Sri_Lanka_Floods#Available_Imagery 


In many cases we collaborate with imagery providers, example being project 1920 we were able to secure imagery from just days before the flooding began. Sometimes we do ‘post-event’ mapping from imagery, but of course the best data will come from locals. We’re always going to be supporting the growth of the local community and if you are still interested in helping, check out the ‘resilience’ projects (1280, 1340 and 1923).




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Hi Dharini,


whether Google's imagery is more recent or not is not really relevant for us because their Terms of Use do not allow us to use their imagery for OSM.


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I am new to OSM and HOT mapping. I was doing the Sri Lanka flood mapping projects 1914 and 1915 and I was looking at the Bing and mapbox satellite imageries and compared them to satellite imagery on Google maps, there was a lot of difference in terms of the features like buildings, streams etc. Many of them are missing here in OSM. Which one is more recent OSM or Google.

Dharini Dube
New Delhi

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