[HOT] Mapathon - Missing Maps - June the 9th

Claire GILLETTE c_gillette at cartong.org
Tue Jun 7 18:48:59 UTC 2016

 Hi everyone,

 As you might have seen on the Missing Maps website, a mapathon is 
 scheduluded on Thrusday in Paris.

 We are planning to help map Bunia, in DRC (task #1910), and Tikrit, in 
 Iraq (task #1808).

 We will have a live stream and a Skype session for people who want to 
 participate remotely, do not hesitate to let us now if you want to join 
 us! And if you are able/available to help us with some of the 
 validation, we would be very happy to have your support as well.

 The details regarding the event are on the following page : 

 Moreover, we are trying to strenghten our ties with OSM communities and 
 people working in the zones we help to map. So if you are or have 
 contacts for us in DRC or Iraq, please let us know !

 Thanks to you all,

 Looking forward to Thursday evening!


 Claire Gillette

 CartONG - Mapping and information management for humanitarian 
 organizations | Cartographie et gestion de l'information pour les 
 organisations humanitaires (France)

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