[HOT] Impact of OSM/HOT in Humanitarian Aid / Economic Development

Laura O'Grady laura at lauraogrady.ca
Wed Jun 8 22:51:39 UTC 2016

Hi Stefan,

I’m currently writing a paper on OpenStreetMap and its application in Ebola epidemics so I’ve recently been reading literature in the area of crowdsourced or volunteered geographic information (VGI), OpenStreetMap and disease mapping. 

I would divide your question into two parts: (1). papers that access the efficacy of VGI via OSM and (2). efforts to combat Ebola outbreaks using disease mapping. To that end I provide the following list of resources.

(1). These papers that assess the accuracy of OpenStreetMap as a form of crowdsourced (or VGI) data:

Ciepłuch, B., Jacob, R., Mooney, P., & Winstanley, A. (2010, July). Comparison of the accuracy of OpenStreetMap for Ireland with Google Maps and Bing Maps. In Proceedings of the Ninth International Symposium on Spatial Accuracy Assessment in Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences 20-23rd July 2010 (p. 337). University of Leicester.

Haklay, M., & Weber, P. (2008). Openstreetmap: User-generated street maps. Pervasive Computing, IEEE, 7(4), 12-18.

Helbich, M., Amelunxen, C., Neis, P., & Zipf, A. (2012). Comparative spatial analysis of positional accuracy of OpenStreetMap and proprietary geodata. Proceedings of GI_Forum.

(2). And here are some others on Ebola outbreaks. In some cases these citations will lead to others that are more generally about humanitarian aid. Note that the Koch papers make reference to OSM specifically.

Casillas, A. M., Nyamathi, A. M., Sosa, A., Wilder, C. L., & Sands, H. (2003). A current review of Ebola virus: pathogenesis, clinical presentation, and diagnostic assessment. Biological research for nursing, 4(4), 268-275.

Dhillon, R. S., Srikrishna, D., & Sachs, J. (2014). Controlling Ebola: next steps. The Lancet, 384(9952), 1409-1411.

Koch, T. (2015). Mapping Medical Disasters: Ebola Makes Old Lessons, New. Disaster medicine and public health preparedness, 9(01), 66-73.

Koch, T. (2016). Ebola in West Africa: lessons we may have learned. International journal of epidemiology, dyv324.

Tambo, E., Ugwu, E. C., & Ngogang, J. Y. (2014). Need of surveillance response systems to combat Ebola outbreaks and other emerging infectious diseases in African countries. Infectious diseases of poverty, 3(1), 1-8.

Zollman, L. (no date). "Ebola Missions with WHO." Retrieved from http://www.giscorps.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=169&Itemid=63 on May 21, 2016.



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Hello HOT-Community

I�m wondering if there are any papers dealing with the evaluation of using Open Data (especially OSM) for humanitarian aid, DRR and/or economic development? 

Are there any plans to evaluate HOT-Activations like e.g. in Nepal, Ecuador, etc. and it�s impact on the local work for humanitarian aid workers? I think this could be kinda interesting also for new mappers to know how the data is being used.


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