[HOT] Highway=residential in Africa

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OSM has its roots in the UK and Germany, in the UK highways are classified
A, B, I think even C and other very minor roads were labelled unclassified
by Ordnance Survey historically so that is where the term comes from.  The
UK Ordnance Survey was historically important in creating everyday maps.

By using a standardised set of tags for highways it makes the rendering
systems life easier.  OSMand for example is used everywhere in the world
and if it had to know about a different set of tags for each country the
software would be much more complicated.  If you’re mapping in OSM of
course there is nothing to stop you tagging highways in any manner you
like.  The only problem is that the features will not be rendered by the
normal systems.

If you’re mapping in a HOT project then you’re expected to follow the HOT
guidelines for tagging.  ie building=yes etc.

The problem here is the instructions for a group of projects only contain a
subset of the highway types used for mapping in Africa as defined by the
African Highway Wiki and the examples shown are all urban areas so the
instructions although correct are incomplete as the project covers both
urban and rural areas.

Cheerio John ​
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