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Hi Praveen and all,


As a student of Forest Fire Science and the HOT Disaster Mapping Program, I would be interested in discussing and possible assisting with a mapping effort.  However, I personally don’t have much ‘extra’ time on my hands recently. Of course, many of us understand ‘what OSM can do’, but before HOT as an organization formally asks for a massive volunteer effort – unfortunately we have limited resources (people) and must prioritize.  That said – any and all are welcome to ‘use the model’ to organize mapping; I should be able to ‘size-up’ the situation later today.




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Hi Maning,


Answers for respective questions.


1. The OSM data can be used by Non Government organisations (NGO), Volunteers at field, Government forest Department officials, Fire Fighters and also by Communities to vacate the place before fire reaches to their place.


2. I have observed that for mountainous terrain the OSM data is not sufficient and accurate. due to which we face problem in finding a particular location in hilly terrain. Uttarakhand state is 70 % in hilly terrain which is resided by million of people. And also Uttarakhand state is most sensitive zone as per natural disaster is considered. So we need to map this state in phases like we did for Nepal after the earthquake event.This will ensure our preparedness to mitigate any natural calamity in this state.




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Hi Praveen,

Thank you for notifying us.  Some questions before we talk about
mapping Uttarakhand:

1. Who will use the data on the ground?  While mapping in general
improves the data in OSM for anyone to use, we want to make sure that
before focusing efforts of volunteer mappers, we know who will use
(and for what purpose) the data on the ground.

2.  What specific features and where should we map? OSM focuses on
basemap information (i.e. roads, settlements, natural features, etc.).
Based on news reports, the area affected by the forest fires is large,
we want to focus on what are the priority areas which are usually
where communities maybe at risk.

On Thu, May 5, 2016 at 9:30 AM, Praveen Kalura <praveenkalura at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> This is Praveen from India, resident of Uttarkhand State, Last week 3000
> acres of Hilayan Forest were burnt by forest fires.Lack of proper map in
> public domain was missing. Mapping of the area is very difficult task in
> Mountaineous terrain. Can we do something so that this forest fires can be
> mitigated soon.
> Suggestion invited.
> Thanks.
> http://www.business-standard.com/article/opinion/a-burning-issue-116050401371_1.html
> http://www.dailyo.in/politics/forest-fires-uttarakhand-timber-mafia-wildlife-environment-unep-himalayas-natural-resources/story/1/10360.html

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