[HOT] Japanese earthquake projects

john whelan jwhelan0112 at gmail.com
Sat May 7 13:02:05 UTC 2016

I've been mapping and validating on Project 1800 but it doesn't make a lot
of sense.

The most difficult part to map is the built up areas with lots of very
close buildings which in some ways I'd expect a city in Japan to have its
own maps of buildings. Those tiles take time and lots of it.  The buildings
are so close together that you really need the building tool to map them
rather than squaring them afterwards.

These tiles by the way still have a lot of buildings to be mapped even
though the project says 82% complete I'd say we're only a third the way
through the buildings.

Then we have lots of tiles over the ocean, nothing there, and many many
tiles over forest, again not much to map.

Could someone expand a little more on who has asked for the mapping and
what it will be used for?

Thanks John
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