[HOT] Missing Maps mapping parties in Geneva and Grenoble (France) tonight

Violaine CartONG v_doutreleau at cartong.org
Wed May 18 10:24:40 UTC 2016

Hi all,

As you might have seen on Missing Maps website, several mapathons are 
happening tonight.
By our side, we are planning to map Bunia, in RDC *with MSF in Geneva 
and MapTime in Grenoble.*
The task is *#1910*
Then if you want to be a part of it, remotely, please let us know. 
Especially, if you are able/available to help us with some validation, 
we would be very happy to have your support on this.

We will as well try the very interesting (and funny) leaderboard between 
#MissingMapsFrance and #MissingMapsSwitzerland 
So please add the specific hashtag if you are on the game :) 
(#MissingMapsFrance or #MissingMapsSwitzerland on your changeset 
comment) You can choose your team :)

At last, we are actually on several missing maps mapping projects which 
you could help with; (if you have some spare time later, on the 
following days/weeks, you could have a look on these):

*#1808* *Tikrit, In Irak*, /Due to the actual conflict, inhabitants of 
the area run away along Samarra - Tikrit axis. //Thanks to your 
contribution//building OSM datas, Terre des hommes will be able to 
evaluate more easily living conditions of displaced populations, in 
order to plan in a better way their water access and sanitation program 
(toilets, watering places, etc.)/

*#1816;1817;1818* *Bangladesh* : /Due to recurrent flood in the area in 
Bangladesh, knowing the area and so having reliable OSM datas will 
incredibly help in organizing aid.//Terre des hommes works to mitigate 
flooding consequences via Disaster Risk Reduction programm./ It's a very 
interesting environment (residential areas are elevated compared to the 
default soil in order to anticipate floodings)

*#1671* *Harare, Zimbabwe* : /Inhabitants of Harare, the capital of 
Zimbabwe, are facing some important water access problem, especially in 
area of recent settlements surrounding the capital. It leads to 
recurrent water related diseases like typhoid and cholera. MSF is 
currently working with local authorities in order to improve the water 
access in the most critical area. /
mapathon 9 juin 16 à Mozilla
Thanks to all, your time is, as always, precious,
Looking forward to this evening!

*Violaine Doutreleau*
Coordinatrice Missing Maps
CartONG <file:///media/violaine/Data/0.CartONG/www.cartong.org>
mobile :
skype : doutreleau.violaine

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