[HOT] Getting HOT data as a layer for Sahana

Russell Deffner russell.deffner at hotosm.org
Sat May 21 19:52:53 UTC 2016

Hi Chamal,


I’m not sure exactly what you mean by ‘get the OSM data…as a layer’, but yes, generally all the data in OpenStreetMap is openly available. See http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/2016_Sri_Lanka_Floods#For_Aid_Organizations for some links and information to various export services and other information on generally how to get and use OSM data.


Let us know if that doesn’t answer your question,



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Subject: [HOT] Getting HOT data as a layer for Sahana


Hi guys,


A friend of mine is currently working on a Sahana deployment in Sri Lanka, and he wants to know if they can get the OSM data being aggregated through HOT as a layer. If anyone can provide any contacts for getting this done, that'd be great too. If there is a possibility, please let me know or you can contact him directly: Ramindu Deshapriya (rasade88 at gmail.com)


Thanks and regards,

Chamal Nanayakkara

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