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Hi All,

I hope you're doing well. I'm reaching out to you as a skilled professional
in development to share about the Posner Center for International
Development's <http://posnercenter.org/> upcoming Poverty Hack
<http://povertyhack.posnercenter.org/>, held in Denver, Colorado from July
10th-12th. We are looking for individuals with diverse skills ranging from
M&E and education in low-literacy communities to journalism and
entrepreneurship. Yes, we're looking for folks like YOU!

Check out the attached flyer for more information, or check out our event
website <http://povertyhack.posnercenter.org/> to learn more. Send along to
colleagues or networks who may be interested as well.

This is a great chance to get to sunny Colorado, actively support the
creation of innovative approaches that are grounded in the expressed needs
of communities, and have fun while participating in our 'un-conference.'

Let me know if you'd like to chat further. Hope to see some of you at our

[image: Posner Center for International Development]

*Meg Sagaria-Barritt *
*Program Director*

Posner Center for International Development
Preferred Pronouns: She / Her / Ms.
Ph: 720-509-9713 (Google Voice)
meg at posnercenter.org

[image: Follow the Posner Center on Twitter]
<https://twitter.com/PosnerCenter>  [image: Follow the Posner Center on
  [image: Find Us on LinkedIn]
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