[HOT] Reports about actual use of the results of HOT efforts

Peter Gervai grinapo at gmail.com
Fri May 6 07:13:07 UTC 2016

Hello HOT!

I decided to bring this over from
(both closed, btw) since I have realised this may be of a wider interest.

The original request was about the problem that while there are plenty of
showcases about the _results_ of the various HOT maps there are
almost none - or if there is they are very hard to find - about how these
mapping results were _used_ on the field out there.

Actual reports from the people who received the output of HOT:
- who are they exactly, where are they from, how are they organised,
how did they contact HOT?
- how did they use the data or the maps, what methods, equipment?
- what did they exactly used it for, what did they do with it?
- what parts of the map/data was the most helpful for them, how and why?
- what was not usable for them, what parts were not needed by them?
- what would they liked to have which was missing?
- if it's possible to say how much did the HOT results helped their
efforts? was it a little help? was it the most important help in their
- what did they dislike in the results? were there dangerously
unreliable, misrepresented, otherwise problematic areas? were the
"white western people" able to map what's out there or were they
misunderstood what they saw on the imagery? I would like to know the
problems, too.

Maybe there are such reports, then I would be very glad if you people
would point me to them. (I would then forward it to the webite team to
include it on the main website, too.)

If there are not much of those, which I suspect, I would propose a simple thing:

HOT (community) give map and data to organisations, organisations give
reports of actual usage to HOT (community).
This should be the only thing we would kindly, but firmly ask for it in return.

As I wrote in the linked ticket above: "there is a big difference
between asking me to help creating a map somewhere just because the
area isn't covered (like when I was mapping rivers in Siberia, vast
lands with not a single node around, but nobody really care or use it,
it's just for fun) or because there are actual people requiring this
actual result to do actual work."

Apart from that, I would like to know whether my efforts are really
useful (apart from the "good to have" maps), there are actual people
who ask this very question from me and expecting answers, and I only
have general answers with lots of "really useful" and "it's helping
the people there", but hardly any hard facts or actual description of
what really was the effect of the HOT efforts.

Thank you,
Peter Gervai
OSM Hungary

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